You Snooze You...Learn

Why does it take so long to implement the new start/dismissal times? Why does the district need a whole year of planning? What’s the rationale behind all the decisions that were made?

If you’ve wondered about the timeline for changing start/dismissal times, we offer this recording of Mike Hertting, our former Chief of Schools who is leading this work.

Dr. Hertting recently met with many of our after-school providers to discuss how complex this change is and all the different players it impacts beyond our students and families, including Madison Metro, after school programs and our Food & Nutrition Department.

Interested in learning more? Visit for research, board of education presentations, frequently asked questions, the implementation calendar and more.  

In part two of this episode, Hywania Thompson and Dr. Hertting will be answering questions we’ve received from our families and staff. Stay tuned! 




Intro/Outro music by MicroSchool students Cheviest and Montevious. 

Thank you to Elyse, Laura and Graham Whitmore.




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