Where Have all the Scholars (of Color) Gone?

Advanced Placement courses. Our high schools offer lots of them, from computer science to calculus to micro and macroeconomics to French and Spanish.

Yet students of color are often underrepresented in our AP classrooms, something counselors like Andrew Stendahl are trying to change by encouraging more students to enroll.

We went to James Madison Memorial High School in Madison, Wisconsin, where the first Scholars of Color meeting of the school year was getting underway.

The group exists to give students of color enrolled in honors and AP courses at Memorial a space to come together every Tuesday over lunch to study, get help with assignments, take part in group activities, and host speakers.

Students talk about what it’s like to be the only student of color in an AP class. They discuss applying to college, and they support each other through high school.



Intro/Outro music by MicroSchool students Cheviest and Montevious. 


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