Ways of Working

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Ways of Working

To ensure effective execution of our strategy, together we will utilize several crucial ways of working that build on our past practice but are in better alignment with our core values.

Ongoing Advocacy: The Superintendent will work with our Board of Education other elected officials, school districts and institutions to advocate for change at the local, state and national levels to ensure policy and funding that support teachers and the teaching profession, public education, children and families.

Teacher Voice: We will be more intentional about utilizing a range of diverse teacher voices when making decisions – both at the school and district level. That includes thoughtful representation of teachers on school-based leadership teams as well as on central office cross-functional teams tasked with priority projects.

Gaining Perspectives: District leaders will continue to meet with several key advisory groups to gain their perspectives on how our work is unfolding and with what effect. This will require that we deepen our ongoing engagement with staff, students and parents who too often are marginalized in our school system.

Continuous Improvement: Through quarterly reviews of progress and regular school and classroom visits, schools and central office will continue to be held accountable for progress, but with more attention toward the complexity of our work, which will require asking more questions and staying attuned to learning from emergent strategies.

Scaling What Works: We will sharpen our processes for piloting and determining what needs to be brought to scale and at what pace. We will ensure that new ideas address clear gaps or needs, determine metrics for success at the outset and discontinue what doesn’t work. Most important, will ensure that ideas brought to scale are sustainable and supported by the community we serve.