West High School

  • Learn Your History and Impact the World

    Noah Anderson defines his own excellence as his “Blackness.” - “Being from a lineage or a people or creed that went through so much and is still coming back up is amazing,” says Noah.
  • Quiet Warrior

    “Alana is a quiet warrior who is strong in her opinions and beliefs about justice and fairness for everyone,” says dad Kaleem Caire.
  • Seeking leadership in his community and culture

    “He leads by example and with kindness, and challenges us to be better and do better because of the example he sets.”
  • Shooting pucks, throwing pots

    Max Chambers is a gifted potter as well as a talented hockey player, successful student and good neighbor.
  • A league of his own

    Drake Baldwin is a smart, focused student-athlete bound for Missouri State (and, he hopes, Major League Baseball).
  • Keep coming back with love

    "Everyday is a new day," says Corvonn Gaines, West High School's Student Engagement Coordinator.