Black Excellence

  • Teaching America’s Untold History in the Classroom and Community

    In this episode, MMSD educators discuss the acclaimed New York Times Magazine’s 1619 Project and how they are bringing America’s untold history to the classroom and community.
  • Giving Back to The Gambia

    "People in The Gambia are dying because they don’t have access to medication and basic health care.” East High Personalized Pathways student, Foday Jarra wants to change that.
  • Black Girl Magic in Madison

    Watch this video featuring Schenk Elementary's Rosa Thompson describe the Black Girl Magic conference experience for Black girls in Madison.
  • Sharing cultural differences in safe spaces

    "I thought there should be a different class that talks about black people. Especially about sexual assault because I feel black women are less likely to report that."
  • Cracking the Code at Mendota Community School

    We talk to Behavior Education Assistant (BEA) Shennon Williams about the importance of her role in building community at Mendota Elementary.
  • Learn Your History and Impact the World

    Noah Anderson defines his own excellence as his “Blackness.” - “Being from a lineage or a people or creed that went through so much and is still coming back up is amazing,” says Noah.
  • Changing Lives - One Student at a Time

    John Milton greets La Follette High School’s Black Student Union members with a commanding presence. These teens know the BSU drill—some nosh, others discuss agenda issues, some do both.
  • The Power of Leadership

    Dija Manly understands the power of leadership and the effects of action.
  • Black Excellence means that I'm not alone

    C.J. Green has a tough story to tell and he shares it openly and with love and hope. “Hatred never gets you anywhere,” he says.
  • Quiet Warrior

    “Alana is a quiet warrior who is strong in her opinions and beliefs about justice and fairness for everyone,” says dad Kaleem Caire.
  • Black History Makers Among Us

    Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Mandela Barnes, State Representative Sheila Stubbs and others share their trailblazing stories with Memorial High School students.
  • Seeking leadership in his community and culture

    “He leads by example and with kindness, and challenges us to be better and do better because of the example he sets.”