Rudy Bankston and Nichelle Nichols talk about Black Excellence

How can we ensure that everyone in the Madison community creates spaces for black youth to demonstrate and grow into their greatness? How can we create a trustworthy space for everyone – especially those who may be guarded or skeptical of the district's commitment to anti-racism and Black Excellence – to join and shape the conversation? 

In this second installment of Facebook Live conversations on Black Excellence brought to you by Madison365 and MMSD, the district's Restorative Justice Coach, Rudy Bankston, talks with our Executive Director of Family, Youth & Community Engagement, Nichelle Nichols, about creating a community coalition to guide our work around Black Excellence. 

They also touch on how we all have identity work to do that transcends racial lines. Being anti-racist involves all of us seeing and upholding the humanity of black people, says Bankston. 

You can catch the Facebook Live version of this conversation - and several others - on Madison365’s Facebook page if you’d rather watch and listen. 

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Intro/Outro music by MicroSchool students Cheviest and Montevious. 


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