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Kids in a park

After extensive study and feedback from students, staff and families, schools will implement an updated Behavior Education Plan in the 2019-20 school year, strengthening connections among the four foundational practices – restorative justice, positive behavior interventions and support, culturally responsive teaching and social emotional learning. Read the new BEP, as well as the evaluation and feedback that informed its update, at mmsd.org/BEP.

Focus for 2019-20

  • This year, we will be launching a new School Improvement Planning process designed to empower school communities to make accelerated progress with attention to race, rigor and relationships.
  • In elementary, we’ll re-focus on early reading skills instruction and developing strong identities as readers and scholars. We’ll also continue to move forward on adopting new literacy materials that are historically accurate and culturally representative.
  • In middle school, we’ll focus on student belonging specifically for Black students through the creation of affinity groups, more opportunities for authentic engagement with students and capturing student voice.
  • In high school, we’ll focus on a cohort model for our ninth grade students to ensure they are on track to graduate, meaning that students will experience a small learning community within their high school. These communities will help build stronger relationships and improve teacher collaboration focused on culturally responsive teaching.  We’ll also be launching the second IT/communications Pathway in three of our four comprehensive high schools.
  • Across all levels, we will work on better transition planning and instructional design for students with disabilities to ensure their success.
  • District-wide, we will be engaging in racial equity professional development that strengthens our vision and focus on culturally responsive teaching.