The Legacy Builders

Do you have to "arrive" before you can leave behind a legacy? Or can you bring others along on your journey, while at the same time creating a legacy for young people?

Anthony Cooper, Sr., Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Reentry Services at the Nehemiah Center for Urban Leadership Development, says he is still on his journey and that his gift to others is "to pull as many people along as possible."

He believes in the importance of helping young people realize they're connected to something bigger than themselves, and that this village mentality is what makes things excellent. 

In this third installment of Facebook Live conversations on Black Excellence brought to you by Madison365 and MMSD, "Coop" talks with our Executive Director of Family, Youth & Community Engagement, Nichelle Nichols, about Black Excellence and ensuring we prepare our Black students for college, career and community. 

You can catch the Facebook Live version of this conversation - and several others - on Madison365’s Facebook page if you’d rather watch and listen.

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Intro/Outro music by MicroSchool students Cheviest and Montevious. 

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