Leading by example

Jalonzo Jackson

Jalonzo Jackson works hard to be successful and help others along the way.


Jalonzo Jackson is a leader, a mentor and a three-sport athlete. A rising senior at Madison East High School, Jalonzo says, “I like pushing myself to be successful.” He recalls an Advanced Placement Language Arts class he took in the 2018-19 school year. It was a challenging class but he says he was tenacious and he succeeded. Jalonzo loves science. He says he likes exploring things and seeing how they work. Jalonzo is a math whiz too. “I excel in math. I love solving equations, solving problems,” he says.

Jalonzo enjoys sports and values his time as a student athlete. He plays on the school’s basketball and football teams, and competes in several events as part of the track team. And he has no problem juggling it all. “When school is happening, I focus on school first. Sports come after. Family is all the time,” he says. Jalonzo has a solid support system – mom, dad, siblings, grandmother, aunts and his teachers. He counts Principal Mike Hernandez among his supporters. “Mr. Hernandez has been there for me.”

Principal Hernandez says Jalonzo is a leader, often mentoring younger students. “He’s one of the hardest working young men I know,” says Hernandez. “He knows how to advocate for himself.” Hernandez says Jalonzo takes pride in being a person who leads by example. “I like to be on time for class, I like helping other students and making sure they’re successful,” he says.

Jalonzo is “really excited” for senior year and is getting ready for college.