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Student in a classroom

To accomplish our vision, we must also strive to meet a new set of ambitious goals for the future. These goals will help us stay focused on what really matters – keeping students on track for graduation and the fulfillment of their dreams, making sure our students experience thriving cultures and climates that lead to healthy identity development and holding high expectations for all. We’ll track progress on our goals, disaggregated by all student groups, and report publicly every year.

Goal 1

Every child is on track to graduate ready for college, career and community. Measured by:

  • Reading Proficiency Level
  • Reading Growth
  • Math Proficiency Level
  • Math Growth
  • Four-Year Completion Rate
  • High school students with 3.0 GPA or higher
  • Percent of students on track to achieve graduate vision using self-reported survey
  • Postsecondary enrollment rate

Goal 2

The district and every school in it is a place where children, staff, and families thrive. Measured by:

  • Student climate survey power question
  • Staff climate survey power question
  • Parent climate survey power question
  • Percent of students with 90% attendance or better
  • Percent and number of teachers of color
  • Staff retention
  • School safety climate survey power question for students, staff and parents

Goal 3

African-American children and youth excel in school. Measured by:

  • Child readiness for school
  • Grade 3 Reading Proficiency Level
  • Grade 8 Math Proficiency Level
  • Advanced Learner participation rate
  • Grade 9 On Track
  • Advanced coursework participation and success rate
  • Student climate survey power question