Core Values

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Student artwork of hands in the air

To make our vision a reality, we must be a values-driven organization from the classroom to the boardroom. The values articulated below represent our commitment as an educational institution to anti-racism, inclusion and alliance to all children and their families. These values will drive our decision making at every level.


We will ensure that our youth develop core competencies and engage in deep learning through rich, challenging, inclusive and culturally responsive learning experiences, in academics, the arts, and social-emotional development.


We believe that students, staff and families of all races, ethnicities, faiths, home languages, immigration statuses, disabilities, sexual orientations and gender identities are valuable members of our community. By creating positive supportive relationships, we will cultivate a sense of belonging for all.

Racial Equity and Social Justice.

We will take responsibility for the ways that our current policies and practices serve to reproduce inequities, and we will take action to close the gaps in opportunity that lead to racialized outcomes for children and youth of color.


We will seek out and elevate the voices of all in our community, with special attention to the influence and leadership of our students, staff and families of color.


We will be accountable to the community for high-quality implementation of practices that produce positive results and dedicate the time and attention necessary to manage complex and sustainable change.


We will make space for new ideas, embracing the creativity of educators and grassroots innovation in and beyond the classroom.