• A Voice To Change The World Around Her

    Fatoumata Barrow has been accepted into seven of the eight colleges to which she’s applied. The eighth, New York University, her dream college, hasn’t yet responded. She’s hopeful, with good reason.
  • "That’s where I want to sit someday"

    Andreanna Wright knows what she wants and why, and goes after it, from her position as Editor-in-Chief of the La Follette High School newspaper, The Lance, to the Historically Black College and Univer
  • Standout scholar Ryan Jackson 

    “We just could not ask for a better son,” say La Follette senior Ryan Jackson’s parents.
  • Keep coming back with love

    "Everyday is a new day," says Corvonn Gaines, West High School's Student Engagement Coordinator.
  • Below her gentle surface is a warrior

    To the casual observer, Krystyn Jones looks like another teen with a dream to dance. Her body shows faint signs of the trauma it’s been through.